Is Luxury Skincare Worth It?

Luxury Skincare





So, I have been wanting to do this for so long. if you wonder how long. look at how many empties bottles I kept. I am 29 years old with a normal skin type have pimple a little bit here and there, don't have any wrinkle yet if I say so myself. I do have a laugh lines, under my eyes around my mouth which I don't think it a bad look at the moment so that is one of the first reason I don't see an obvious result of this expensive skincare. personally I think especially La Prairie made for older women like 40+ and you know what!. .. sometime its not about number so first things before you buy any skincare is to know your skin. We all live in a different weather, work in a different places some people drink a lot some people smoke etc. so look at your skin before buy anything. but for sure La Prairie is for older people who have more damage on their skin like lots of wrinkle, dull skin, loose skin (which skincare doesn't really help anyway) Me and my boyfriend we both use La Prairie and see a different result my boyfriend have a large pore uneven skin tone and acne scar (boxcar) his result is brighter skin, even skin tone and his pore is a little bit smaller not all of it but I think because brighter skin make it look invisible. and for me the result from using La Prairie is a little brighter skin. I said a little because I already have a pale skin and this skincare didn't change your skin colours but brightening up a little so that is what I've got from this skincare.

Let's talk about La Mer which I have been using for so long. the first time I use La Mer is when I was 21 I know too early right. I was just looking for something that will make my skin look perfect I mean that's what everybody want is not it? but you know what La Mer is really give me an obvious result my skin look so smooth, hydrated when I wear makeup I can tell the different. so since that I keep using La Mer for 4 years and then one day I went to Korea on winter and I take La Mer moisturising cream with me to help me battle with all the dryness that happening during my winter trip in Korea but it doesn't help. I was so confused it always work I mean it work well when I use it at home. I use it during the trip and my skin was so dry and patchy around my nose when I put foundation it even worst. so when i come back home after this trip I still use this moisturising cream I felt like it doesn't work on my skin anymore when I touch my skin it feels patchy not smooth and look dehydrated so I stop using it and started over by using a normal moisturiser which is PHYSIOGEL Daily Moisture Therapy and everything go back to normal since that I never go back to La Mer again. I actually have some moisturising cream left in the jar but didn't use it and one day I go back to look at it and I see there is so many oil came out from that cream I know a lot of skincare have oil base but when you see that it doesn't feel good. So, is expensive skincare worth the money? Yes, if it suitable for your skin type and is it necessary to use expensive skincare? No, it doesn't. there is so many cheap skincare that will help you achieve that healthy, beautiful skin that you want. just look at the ingredients xoxo

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